PE Uses of Video

V&V produces customized videos to drive colorful and compelling messages for a range of PE-related stakeholders

When a business is in a sale process, one or more videos accompanying investment banking presentations can illustrate what the company does and the pride and passion behind the business in a way that would not be possible in the absence of the productions.

At AGMs, videos bring color and energy to presentations. They may focus on topics as varied as value creation at portfolio companies, exit success stories, expertise in sourcing, M&A, operating partner backgrounds, ESG, firm-wise initiatives, company culture, and special occasions.

Additionally, video captured for a specific goal can be repurposed for a litany of needs and ideas.

How V&V landed at the nexus between Video and PE – and stayed there.

We are proud to be a service provider to some of the top PE firms in the world.

We call them Clients, but they often blossom into Friends. That’s what happens when we create and collaborate together, obsessing over unlimited details in countless videos. After enough cups of coffee (and other beverages of choice), we learn to appreciate a lot about each other.

V&V’s core team consists of five individuals with a wide range of creative skills and decades of experience. We work collaboratively with camera people, editors, graphic designers, and producers. Our goal for each video is to piece together the stories and visuals unique to each client to create a top-quality production.

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